The primary goal of CAHO is capacity-building.  CAHO partners with other support organizations to achieve this goal and is always open to new strategic alliances.

Sites of current CAHO activity include:

Kibogora Hospital, Rwanda

Kibogora Polytechnic University, Rwanda

Nundu Deaconess Hospital, Democratic Republic of Congo

Dessalines Claire Heureuse Hospital, Haiti

Vialet Clinic, Haiti

Kibuye Hope Hospital, Burundi

VanNorman Clinic, Burundi

Our primary focus is on hospitals and clinics, with the goal of strengthening the capacity of each facility to meet the ever-evolving challenges of Christian charitable care.  Current programs include:

  • Training scholarships to upgrade skills of national staff, with service commitments to each hospital or clinic.  Areas include nursing, administration and accounting, chaplaincy, post-graduate physician specialty training, social work, and public health.  Although buildings and equipment are important, we believe that the ultimate strength of an institution lies in its core leadership and staff.
  • Assisting with funds for poor and indigent care, including medication purchases.
  • Assisting with acquisition of equipment not locally available.
  • Fundraising for capital expansion and replacement of aging buildings.
  • Quality improvement programs, including staff incentives.
  • Recruiting and facilitating expatriate professional volunteers for both short and long-term service at affiliated institutions.
  • Funding for benevolent assistance in communities served by the hospitals and clinics, such as care for the elderly.
  • Connecting supporters, other similar support organizations, and persons interested in finding out more about partnership in global Christian healthcare through an annual weekend conference.




Action Kibogora (United Kingdom)  www.kibogora.org

Friends of Hope Africa University www.haufriends.org

Kibogora Polytechnic University (Rwanda)  www.kp.ac.rw

Haiti Healthcare Advocates www.haitihealthcareadvocates.com

Free Methodist World Missions www.fmwm.org