On May 25, 2016, church leaders of the Free Methodist Church and staff of Deaconess Hospital of Nundu  dedicated the newly constructed pediatrics building.  This new pediatric building of brick-and-mortar construction provides fifty pediatric beds, allowing for expansion of inpatient and outpatient services.  Randy Matthewson and Habibu, a local Congolese FM Church member, together supervised the construction of this urgently needed facility.

Until the completion of this new facility, pediatric patients occupied two wards in a deteriorating prefab building constructed about thirty years ago.   Funds came from various sources including the Canadian Free Methodist Church, the Butterfield Memorial Foundation and a personal donation from Myra and Bob McCloud.  Myra(Adamson) pioneered the medical work at Nundu, and Bob, along with his first wife Ruby, worked for many years as a builder and teacher in Central Africa and Kenya.

Deaconess Hospital of Nundu, located in the region of South Kivu, has been managed well through difficult times, and its staff has demonstrated that they are able to deal with the realities of the Congo.  Political and civil unrest continue in the Congo, with significant ongoing social and economic impact on the area.   Economic instability continues to be an issue in this uncertain political environment.  Ability to pay for medical care is limited.  Childhood illnesses are prevalent due to limited financial access to both preventative and curative health care.  Malnutrition and limited access to safe water supplies are also ongoing problems.  Many equipment and facility needs are evident, including the need to update aging buildings.  Completion of the pediatric unit and furnishing this facility sends a message of hope to the people of South Kivu. 

A new pediatric building completed in 2016 increased the number of pediatric beds to 42.


Dr. Marx, Medical Director, rounding in pediatrics.