November 2021 Update:
Construction of the Kibogora Hospital maternity ward is continuing, but we still need more funding to complete the project. Komeza! Let’s continue in faith. Below is an artist rendering of what we hope the finished building will look like. And the pictures show the progress: you can see the foundation columns for the two-story portion of the building, the concrete floor for the second story of that section, and prep work for the foundations of the larger main section of the maternity.
“Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”
Matthew 17:20
Thanks to all who have given so far! We didn’t move the whole mountain, but the work crews moved enough of it to make room for the new maternity ward and to put in a retaining wall to keep the rest of the hill where it needs to be. Please pray with us in faith for the rest of the funds we need to complete this important building, which is desperately needed to provide room for mothers with high-risk pregnancies in southwest Rwanda.


Overcrowding has been a huge problem in the Kibogora maternity ward over the past several years. Most uncomplicated deliveries are managed at one of the 13 health centers supervised by Kibogora Hospital. Complicated pregnancies and mothers with a history of previous Csection are managed at the hospital, leading to a very high rate of C-section delivery there.

Over 100 C-sections are performed each month at Kibogora! Laboring and recovering mothers often have to share beds with one another due to overcrowding; the census in maternity averages 158% of bed capacity.

As a solution, over the past several years, Kibogora Hospital leaders have been working with the local and national government as well as international partners to raise funds and lay plans for a new maternity ward. Fundraising and government support have now reached a level where ground breaking on the first phase is possible!

There is still a great need for funds to complete the later phases of the building project – as of October 2020, we still need about $330,000 to complete the project. Please see pictures and plans below, as well as the informational video created by our British partners, Action Kibogora. Please pray with us and consider giving to the Maternity Ward Project to help meet the desperate need of young mothers and new babies in rural Western Rwanda!