Solar and Water Project

PARTNERSHIP WITH BMF:  Butterfield Memorial Foundation is partnering with DNH to expand its solar installation.  Could you imagine surgery, an intensive care unit, 24-hour nursing care, maternity, and neonatal unit without reliable electricity?  The reality is that there was no sustainable electricity or running water for this 110-bed hospital until the first solar power system was installed in 2018. The Butterfield Memorial Foundation (BMF) assisted in funding that first installation.  BMF again is partnering with DNH in providing a generous $200,000 grant. The balance of this $307,027 project is being funded  by  individual donors.  I-TEC (International Technical Electrical and Construction) designed and built solar and water purification systems which were installed in October 2018 as well as the current solar expansion projected to be installed the summer of 2023.

THE IMPACT OF SOLAR POWER:  The impact of electricity 24-7 on the quality of medical care has been significant.  Surgery can be performed day or night.  Intensive care can be delivered at a higher level, including the provision of supplemental oxygen.  The current system has only been providing about two-thirds of the energy needed.  A diesel generator makes up the difference, consuming about 1000 liters of fuel per month at a cost of about $1200.  The current system, installed in 2018 with a capacity of 17 KVA , requires expansion to support current operations as well as provide for future needs.   The expansion, as designed, will triple the capacity of the present system providing affordable and sustainable energy for the DNH campus for the foreseeable future.

LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS:  DNH is a center for hope and healing, shining a light in the darkness.  The pediatric service has been impacted by the NICU established by Dr. Marx, made possible by the present solar plant installed in 2018.  Having an expanded reliable energy source allows the hospital to grow and thrive.  That DNH remains a beacon of God’s light and healing is a testimony to the dedication of the staff along with God’s provision.  The future is bright at Nundu thanks to the Butterfield Memorial Foundation and our individual donors. 


Investing in Deaconess Nundu Hospital enables us to realize that life has meaning and purpose, beyond anything we could imagine.  Thank you for helping us to live our vision of providing healthcare that transforms.  We continue to think big for Deaconess Nundu Hospital – all for the purpose of bringing hope.  Thank you for your continued support.

Medication Fund  assist with the purchase of medications and medical supplies.  Our patients, young and old, are impacted by parasitic and infectious diseases that are debilitating and life threatening. 


Patient Care Fund enables the hospital to treat all, regardless of ability to pay.   Endemic poverty makes it difficult if not impossible for many people to pay for their hospital care, often causing them to delay treatment.  The most frequent diseases are: Malaria (35%), Anemia (32%), Diarrhea(14%), and Respiratory Infections (8%).  $10 saves two lives (mother and baby).   $25 treats a child with malaria. 


Nutrition Supplement Program gives hope to impoverished families struggling to provide for their children.  At risk or malnourished children receive porridge made from corn, sorghum, and soybeans, all locally grown and prepared.  We partner with International Child Care Ministries in an agricultural project which has made this possible.


Salary Support enables doctors, nurses, administrative personnel, and support staff to serve at NDH.  The monthly income for the average nurse at Nundu is $100 to 125. 


Medical equipment Fund will upgrade the surgery department for a more active surgery service.

Surgery lamp for the second operating room – $7000

Full size autoclave –  $11,000

Surgical instruments – $10,000

Surgery table – $4000 

X-ray –  $30,000

Hospital ambulance – The hospital does not have a vehicle for ambulance runs, transport of medications and supplies, visiting health centers, or meeting guests.  ($45,000 new or $20,000 used). 

Nundu school of nursing ($7200) is training nurses for our future.

Hadduck House renovation ($15,000) will provide a guest house and or staff housing. 


Your continue prayers and support are greatly appreciated.