Partnership with Kibogora Polytechnic

Kibogora Polytechnic (KP) is a modern university with a Christian foundation, formed by the Free Methodist Church of Rwanda working with international partners.  It cooperates closely with Kibogora Hospital and has a variety of programs that are helping to sustain and develop the capacity of medical care and Christian witness at Kibogora Hospital and throughout Rwanda.  These include programs in General Nursing, Midwifery, Biomedical Laboratory Sciences, Economics and Management, Accounting, and Theology. KP students can obtain hands-on training and experience as a result of KP’s partnership with Kibogora Hospital.

CAHO is pleased to partner with KP, particularly in the area of scholarship support for students in programs that contribute to our mission and efforts to further develop quality care in the name of Christ.  Kibogora Hospital employees have enrolled in KP to continue their education, and graduates of KP frequently find employment at Kibogora Hospital. Over the years, CAHO has provided scholarships for a number of Kibogora Hospital employees to obtain further education through KP.

Donors can help support KP through donations to CAHO designated to help fund the studies of KP students.  KP’s current needs are for funds to support its Zamuka (“raise up”) Fund, which provides scholarships for strong students who are financially unable to continue their studies without assistance. 

Current volunteer needs at KP include qualified English language instructors with native-English-level proficiency and a degree in Education or in teaching English as a foreign language.  Volunteers who could serve at least three months (one semester) are preferred.  Please contact CAHO if you are interested in exploring a volunteer experience at KP.