Pediatrics Ward:

Thanks to all who prayed and gave to make the Jeff Crandall Pediatrics Ward a reality! Since its opening in 2015, it has provided a colorful and spacious place for children of all ages to receive compassionate medical care. What a blessing for the sick and malnourished children of this rural area of Rwanda!


In 2017, through a grant from the Butterfield Foundation, CAHO assisted Kibogora in purchasing a new digital X-ray system. The digital system has created an easy way to store and recover films, improving continuity of care – especially for patients with long-term orthopedic care needs. Over 800 x-rays are perfomed each month at Kibogora Hospital.

In 2019, funds donated to CAHO were used to purchase a new Ultrasound machine for the radiology department. Around 300 ultrasounds are performed each month on patients of all ages. Ultrasound is an invaluable diagnostic resource. Kibogora’s head radiology technician, Xavier Akimuhana, is highly skilled in performing and interpreting ultrasound studies of all types. He is thrilled to have such an advanced machine to use!


In 2016, Dr. Ronald Tubasiime graduated from General Surgery residency in Ethiopia. Through a CAHO scholarship, he trained at one of the residency programs developed by the Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons (see for more information). Soon after graduation, he passed rigorous examinations to become a fellow of the College of Surgeons of East, Central, and South Africa (COSECSA).

Dr. Ronald has been working full-time at Kibogora since his graduation. Supported by many visiting surgeons from the U.S. and Germany, he has developed a broad-based surgery practice at Kibogora, which has gained a reputation throughout the country as a center for excellent surgical care. Dr. Ronald attributes this reputation and his success to God’s blessing. He remains humble and grateful for the opportunity to touch many lives with the love of Christ.

In 2019, Kibogora received the honor of becoming a COSECSA-certified surgical training site.

Following this certification, the University of Rwanda General Surgery Residency began sending its trainees to Kibogora for “rural surgery” rotations. They work closely with Dr. Ronald and visiting surgeons to care for a wide variety of surgical problems. They also hear regularly from Dr. Ronald about the gospel and how the love of Christ compels him to serve the poor at Kibogora.

Donations to CAHO help support the surgery program at Kibogora, enabling the hospital to provide quality surgical care in the name of Christ to all who have need.

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Maternity Ward:

Overcrowding has been a huge problem in the Kibogora maternity ward over the past several years. Most uncomplicated deliveries are managed at one of the 13 health centers supervised by Kibogora Hospital. Complicated pregnancies and mothers with a history of previous Csection are managed at the hospital, leading to a very high rate of C-section delivery there.

Over 100 C-sections are performed each month at Kibogora! Laboring and recovering mothers often have to share beds with one another due to overcrowding; the census in maternity averages 158% of bed capacity.

As a solution, over the past several years, Kibogora Hospital leaders have been working with the local and national government as well as international partners to raise funds and lay plans for a new maternity ward. Fundraising and government support have now reached a level where ground breaking on the first phase is possible!

There is still a great need for funds to complete the later phases of the building project. Please see pictures and plans below, as well as an estimate of the funds still needed to complete the project. Please pray with us and consider giving to the Maternity Ward Project to help meet the desperate need of young mothers and new babies in rural Western Rwanda!