Update on Jeff Crandall Pediatric Building

"A recent update on the Jeff Crandall Pediatric Building provided by our UK partner, The Kibogora Initiative.  The funding goal for this project has been reached. Thanks to many donors!  We are excited to see this fantastic addition to Kibogora Hospital providing improved services for children, some of the most vulnerable patients that arrive at the hospital.  Thank you for your past and future contributions to make this possible!"

Jeff Crandall Pediatric Ward Now Open
25th March 2015

New Jeff Crandall Padiatric Ward accepts the first patients.
After nine months of construction the new Jeff Crandall padiatric building opened its doors on Monday 23rd March 2015, welcoming 45 children.  The day started with prayers dedicating the building to serve children and show them Christ’s love.  A team of padiatric nurses, janitors, and volunteers moved the children in before noon. The mothers were given the grand tour of the building and given instructions on how to use the sinks in the rooms and how to use the flushing toilets, both of which are an innovation to many of the mothers. They were also shown where they could find things in the new building. The official opening of the building will take place later this year when the Crandall family is able to attend.

The building fund is still in need of contributions to clear the costs of the building project and to fully equip the wards. If you would like to contribute please go to the “Projects” page and click on “New Padiatric Ward” article which gives details of how this can be done.

The first of the patients being taken into their new wards

The first occupants move in

March 2015 New consulting room with artistic touches

November 2014 Tiles down and first coat of paint going on

November 2014. The end is in sight

July 2014 Demolition in progress